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Characteristic of Nikolayev port

The port is connected with the sea by the Bug-Dnieper-Firth Canal.

  • The length of canal – 44 miles
  • The width of canal – 100 meters
  • Approach channel port – 13th foot of BDFC (Bug-Dnieper-Firth Canal)
    • width – 100 meters
    • length – 1 520 meters
    • depth – 11,2 meters
  • Pass through the channel can carry ships up to 215 meters and draft up to 10,3 meters.

  • Area of the port – 97,3 ha
  • The water area of the port – 342 ha
  • The total length of berths – 2420 meters
  • Including 242,2 meters in Ochakov
  • Permissible draft at the berths – 10.3 meters (in freshwater)
  • The length of railroads tracks – 27 km
  • Number of berths – 15

The water area of the port has an external raid on the approach to Ochakov port for handle large ships such as «PANAMAX» a draft of 13.2 m.

International transport corridor (ITC), which tend to Nikolaev region:

  • ITC№9 Helsinki - St. Petersburg - Kiev (Moscow) - Odessa - (Chisinau) - Bucharest – Alexandropoulos;
  • ITC№7 «Danube waterway»;
  • ITC TRACECA "Europe - Caucasus - Asia";
  • One of the routes NELTI «New Eurasian Land Transport Initiative," North China - Kazakhstan - Western Europe.


The coordinates of the port - currently the port water area is fixed in the following terms:

  • water space in the Southern Bug, Nikolaev, limited coastline and a line through the points:
    • 46°56'51'' north latitude 31°59'34'' east longitude
    • 46°55'59'' north latitude 32°00'51'' east longitude
    • 46°55'53'' north latitude 32°01'32'' east longitude, including the approach channel port of the 13th Foot BDFC
  • Coordinates of Ochakov port - water space of the territorial sea near the Ochakov limited HEW (Hydraulic engineering work) and the line through the points:
    • 46°36'37,8'' north latitude 31° 31'56,8'' east longitude
    • 46°36'32,6'' north latitude 31°32'01,2'' east longitude
    • 46°36'33,2'' north latitude 31°32'07,8'' east longitude, and the water space of the sea on the approach to Ochakov bounded by a line drawn through the points:
      • 46°35'00'' north latitude 31°20'40'' east longitude
      • 46°35'30'' north latitude 31°20'40'' east longitude
      • 46°35'55'' north latitude 31° 18'40'' east longitude
      • 46°35'00'' north latitude 31°18'40'' east longitude

Ukraine - industrial and agricultural country in Eastern Europe.

Neighboring countries - Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova.

The composition of the Ukrainian state includes 24 regions and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

Nikolaev - a young city. Peninsula at the mouth of the rivers Southern Bug and Ingul, where the city, something like a ship at the time of the rapid descent of the stocks in the waters of the wide estuary.

... City of Dall yachts, city of shipbuilders …

He emerged as the Black Sea shipbuilding base in 1789. The town got its name from St. Nicholas the Miracle Worker, the patron saint of seafarers.

In 1862, in Nikolayev were opened sea port and customs, is allowed entry to foreign vessels.

Currently, Nikolaev - a large administrative, industrial, cultural and scientific center in southern Ukraine. The town's population more than half a million people.

Nikolaev - an important transportation hub due to the presence of sea and river ports, railway junction, airport.