The main strategic focus of “Budtechengineering” activities is believes higher quality of service to its customers and expand the range of offered services.

We look forward to working with you and make every effort to freight forwarding services of our company left most enjoyable experience!


Budtechengineering LTD offers comprehensive and individual services in the field of foreign trade activities:

1. Customs – brokerage:

  • client representation in the structures of Nikolayev customs;
  • a full range of procedures for clearance of export-import operations in Nikolayev Customs.

2. Handling and forwarding services:

  • input quality control of cargo;
  • loading and unloading operations;
  • documental registration of the cargo;
  • representing client's interests in relations with transportation and other organizations involved in the planning and implementation of transshipment;
  • processing orders, bills of lading, manifests and other required shipping documents in accordance with Customer's instructions;
  • processing and maintenance of ships in accordance with the "Code of Practices Nikolayev Commercial Sea Port";
  • information services of the handler process.

3. Making the necessary certificates and permits:

  • quarantine import permit;
  • veterinary certificate;
  • obtaining opinions on safety of cargo and GMO;
  • examination and certification of quality, weight, purity, and sealing the holds top-notch survey companies;
  • fumigation certificate;
  • certificate of origin;
  • other expertise, opinions and certificates by the Client request.

4. Performance of functions:

  • consignee/shipper;
  • commission/consignor;
  • exporter/importer.

5. Advisory and representation services.

We are interested in forging new partnerships and long-term mutually beneficial relationship.